AGI Booster Club

Dedicated to the success of our gymnasts


Sponsorship options that fit your business

As well as benefiting your company brand through special marketing, sponsorship is also advantageous for our teams and our team families. Having sponsorship funding allows our families to focus on supporting the training and progress of their gymnast and reduces stress when it comes to finding money to get to the next competition, training camp or championship.    


Supporting the families of AGI Athletes is our priority

Funds raised support our athletes and teams by:

Offsetting competition & non-tuition training expenses

Providing additional training & travel opportunities 

Supporting athletes on their collegiate & elite journeys

“The Booster Club is here to lower the barrier for entry into competitive gymnastics and to support every athlete in their gymnastics journey. We see gymnastics as a TEAM SPORT, our gym as a HOME, and every AGI FAMILY as a part of OUR FAMILY!”

Amanda Renken, AGI Booster Club President

Become a Parent Volunteer!

As a member of the AGI Team Program, your family already benefits as a member of the AGI Booster Club! But volunteerism is the life-blood of the success of our organization. 

Become a Parent Volunteer!

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